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The Next Step.

There now lies ahead the decision: junior college or polytechnic?

I want to be a vet. That has been made clear since I was in pri sch. --------oh wait some noisy bitches in the background destroying my train of thoughts----------alright drowned it out with music------- So I'm now doing lots of research on universities (when my next stage is jc/poly), which route can get me there, and the fees. (It's so expensive... D":) Research is no big prob for me because I'm used to it and good at it. If the route I settle on is poly, my next step is to persuade Them. If it's jc, well, everything is easier, but I still have to make the route I choose is best for me.

Kids have such tough lives nowadays huh. Planning for 30 at 16.

The other dream/daydream I've been having is a ... um. How do I put it? Fashion designer who sells the clothes and shoes she designs. (: I want to have a shop that make ppl go-

(sch bell rings for dismissal of students)
Girl A: -talking to tablemate- Hey, whatcha gonna do today?
Girl B: I was planning to shop for a while, then go home and start on homework.
-look at each other- A+B: that shop~!   -hi-five!-
A: I'll go with you, I wanna see what they have on display this week.
B: awesome. That place totally sets the trends. *grins*

But this convo looks so far away...

I'll categorize the shop into shoes, casual, denim, outings, prom :D Then at every 'post' there'll be a stack of paper hanging from the top, and people can tear off a piece and doodle their ideas (clothes/shoes) on it. Then they can write their names on it, then stick their ideas on the walls. Thus my wallpaper will be a mosaic of doodles and ideas. Those will be made into reality with my help (fabric, palette of colours, or they can state it there) then put on display, with the designers' name on a card below the clothes.

This looks so far away too...

Right, back to research (finally I can use the com!)

Actually I'm listening to all the one piece openings. Every one, other than about the sea and pirate's life, talks about acheiving your dreams. They're so heartlifting (: